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Instructional Design
Projects (Select)

I've created online courses and curriculum for universities, companies, libraries, and non-profit organizations. Here are a few of my favorite past projects. 

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Technical Communication Course

Designed & created a 15-week asynchronous online course for college students. Studied best-practices for tech comm alongside instructors at universities and companies across the nation.

Skills / Software: Canva, Instructure Canvas, ADDIE, objective alignment, multimedia development, opencourseware sourcing

Digital Citizenship Program

Contracted by ed tech company as the sole instructional designer for an an intensive asynchronous digital citizenship training program. The program was purchased by the U.S. Department of Defense to be used by up to 8,700 instructors in 160 military schools around the world.

Skills / Software: Articulate 360, Rise 360, SCORM, Moodle, ADDIE, multimedia development, branching scenario creation, graphic design

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ReLaunch Program:
Tech Skills for Women Returning to Work

As a part of the Google Fiber Digital Inclusion Fellowship, designed and implemented a face-to-face 7-week training program to help women re-enter the workforce after time away. Course currently running in two library systems.

Skills / Software: Canva, curriculum development, graphic design, ADDIE,  cognitive apprenticeship 


Get Online for Good Course

Designed and facilitated an online civic participation course with a face-to-face component in the Provo Google Fiber Space. Course helped learners find volunteer opportunities, locate community resources, connect with their neighborhoods, and become more engaged citizens.

Skills / Software: Thinkific, Canva, multimedia creation, videography, ADDIE 

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Adopt-a-Computer Program

Established the United Way of Utah County's Adopt-a-Computer Program, offering low-income residents the opportunity to earn a computer (donated as surplus by Provo City and refurbished with the assistance of local tech companies) by completing 10 hours of digital literacy training.

Skills / Software: Canva, Google Tools, ADDIE


English 1010
Utah Valley University

As the sole instructional designer, worked with the SME to design and develop the English 1010 course used by all online instructors and sections in the university. Met departmental objectives while optimizing coursework for student engagement in sections of 28-32 learners. Balanced departmental needs for curricular alignment and instructor flexibility in the largest enrollment online class on campus. Designed a multi-media rich coursework that engaged learners with video content, podcasts, and interactive challenges. 


Skills / Software: Instructure Canvas, photography, videography,  interactive design, backward design 

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English 0890 & English 0990
Utah Valley University

As the sole instructional designer, worked with SMEs to create the English 0990 and 0990 courses used by all online instructors and sections. Met departmental requests to implement a a project-based curriculum that shifts the focus away from teacher-oriented instruction and cultivates engagement based on learner interest.  

Skills / Software: Instructure Canvas, Dreamweaver, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, videography, multimedia creation,  ADDIE, cognitive apprenticeship  

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Intro to Distance Learning Courses

Designed and facilitated introductory distance learning courses for, a New York Times subsidiary with over 69 million unique monthly visitors. 


Skills / Software: curriculum development, ADDIE, internal and proprietary learning management system 

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